Frontier Gold Steak Sauce


After years of searching for the perfect steak sauce with no luck, our chefs decided to create their own recipe. This steak sauce is the perfect combination of  herbs and spices ingredients.  You will want to use this sauce on everything from your steaks to your pork chops.

Best on: Steak, Chicken, Pork, Roasts, Fish



10 oz

Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Raisin Juice, Modified Food Starch, Salt Caramel Color, Herbs & Spices, Garlic & Onion Powder, Orange Juice & Oil of Orange, Sodium Benzoate as a preservative

Additional information

Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 8.25 in


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