Barb-B-Q Sauce Spicy


With our spicy flavored sauce, we have kicked  our original flavor up a notch with a hint of spices.  This medium heat sauce is the perfect way  to kick your ribs up a notch or add a little punch to your favorite sandwich.

Best on: Chicken, Beef, Pork

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Sizes: 18 oz, 36 oz

Ingredients: Ketchup (Water, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Spices), Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Salt, Flavorings, Modified Food Starch, Worcestershire Sauce (Vinegar, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Water, Salt, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Spices, Tamarind, Natural Flavor, Sulfiting Agent),  Lemon Juice, Spices, Mustard, Paprika, Onion, Sodium Benzoate as a preservative

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